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Ted, the owner of Sytle Tile, has been in business  for over 30 years serving Montgomery,surrounding counties and the Greater Houston area.

Since 1980

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Choose Ceramic Tile Flooring

Tile has a handcrafted look; it’s robust and easy to care for. The patterns are limitless when using combinations of size,
texture, color, hand painted tiles and colored grouts.

30 years of experience

Epoxy Grouting Providing

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Tiling with Slate

Tiling with Stone

Tiling with Marble

Ceramic wall and floor tiling

Terra Cotta

Tiling with Porcelain


Tiles are rated by a series of standardized tests;  these tests evaluate its relative hardness, ability to stand up to wear, tear and percentage of water absorbed.


You are a homeowner and want to do it yourself or have a contractor on the job. For an hourly rate we will spend time with you going over tile selections, layout, and installation procedures. Let us evaluate the contactor’s service and make sure they meet the standards set by the Tile Institute of America as well as the ANSI standards for commercial grade work.